This Slut Can Dominate Me Anytime
If this amateur porn stars wants to play BDSM mistress, then she can count me in on the action. Usually, I am not into getting dominated or punished by a woman, but I think I would make an exception for this chick. I would gladly let her do anything she wanted to do to me; As long as it was hot, sexual and involved me busting a nut.

Of course, she really isn't a mistress—she's just pretending for the camera. Therefore, this guy really doesn't get much of a punishment. In fact, he doesn't get any. Not unless you consider having this chick rub her round ass over your cock or taking a load of your cum down her throat as punishment. If that's being dominated, then maybe I should rethink my position on BDSM.

It's a great scene nonetheless. One that keeps my cock hard as a rock. Watching this babe strap on this outfit and do some seriously nasty things to a guy, all while he films it in a POV style, is fucking awesome.