POV Cocksucking Has Perfect Technique
If the last gallery didn't give you a close enough view of this horny slut sucking on a cock from a POV angle, then I offer up to you another gallery that is sure to give you the view that you want. In this scene, this chick isn't dressed up like she was in the last one, but that's alright because we aren't here to see pageantry, we are here to see this babe suck off a big cock.

This chick really shows off her considerable skill in this gallery too. She starts off doing what most other porn stars would never ever dream of doing. She takes her time with this guy's cock and begins to play with it. I'm not talking about stroking it off either. No, she is just doing light circles on this head of this guy's cock with her fingers. Why do no other porn stars ever think of starting out this way?

It is only after she has played with it awhile, that she goes ahead and begins her fellatio lesson. At first, she just uses her tongue. Lightly flicking this cock with it and making sure the shaft is shimmering with her spit. Then she dives right in and begins to suck on it. How's that for a fucking POV blow job guys?